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Myisha Hassan 10/31/16
Myisha Hassan 10/31/16

This 706 word essay (3 pages) is about Americas, Christopher Columbus, Films, Public holidays in the United States, Apocalypticists, Columbus Day, Columbus, Ohio, 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Columbus, Georgia, Atlantic slave trade, Columbus, Mississippi, Columbus

Myisha Hassan 10/31/16 725 Social Studies Why we should not celebrate Christopher Columbus day Christopher Columbus was born in Italy, 1451 and was an explorer. In 1492, he sailed from Europe to America thinking that he had arrived in Asia. So every year, on the second Monday in October, the people in the United States celebrate a national holiday in memory of Christopher Columbus, the one who discovered the new continent. But Columbus did not \'discover\' America. There were many people alread...

Myisha Hassan 2/22/16
Myisha Hassan 2/22/16

This 600 word essay (3 pages) is about Films, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Literature, Shmuel, Bruno, The Reader

Myisha Hassan 2/22/16 626 ELA Holocaust Essay In class, we have been learning about one of the darkest moments in world history - the Holocaust. We have read and analyzed the historical fiction text, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas , by John Boyne. We have also read and analyzed various non-fiction texts, examined propaganda posters, analyzed photos, and also listened to and analyzed various eye-witness testimonies. We have come to understand that the Holocaust was one of the worst genocides in...

In the modern world, having access to health care
In the modern world, having access to health care

This 1000 word essay (5 pages) is about Healthcare reform in the United States, Health, Internal Revenue Code, Statutory law, United States, Federal assistance in the United States, Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson, 111th United States Congress, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Health insurance coverage in the United States, Medicaid

In the modern world, having access to health care can certainly benefit one\'s life , but not having it can make the difference between life and death. In 2010, 18.2% of the nonelderly U.S. population was uninsured. From a political perspective, Democrats have typically encouraged more government intervention with services to the people. Thus, to no surprise, d uring the 111 th United States Congress, the O bama Administration encouraged C ongress to spend a considerable amount of time and ener...

My Strengths as a Communicator
My Strengths as a Communicator

This 566 word essay (3 pages) is about Communication design, Marketing, Collaboration, Design, Advertising, Product design, Learning, Creative technology, Brainstorming

According to StrengthsQuest, my five strengths are Ideation (initiating and developing new ideas), Individualization (comprehending and acting in accordance to circumstances), Analytical (understanding and using information), Restorative (intuitively bringing function back to a person, process, project, etc.), and Strategic (prioritizing executing the most effective means of accomplishing a task). These fall in line perfectly with my majors, Advertising and Theology. My aptitude for critical th...


This 406 word essay (2 pages) is about The Canterbury Tales, The Pardoner's Tale, Ethics, Evil

The Pardoner explains to the audience his usual methods of preaching, as well as his regular themes. He takes pains to have an important sounding speech and a satisfactory performance, thus earning him admiration. In addition, he explains how he sells fake relics and makes a huge profit from doing so. His theme is always "The love of money is the root of all evil," and he preaches heavily against greed and gluttony. At the same time, he repeatedly willingly admits to going against his own preac...

Emily Holmes
Emily Holmes

This 2198 word essay (9 pages) is about Body shape, Human appearance, Human body, Self, Sexualization, Psychology, Aesthetics, Fashion, Body image, Miniskirt, Eating disorder, Model

Mrs. Hankins English 102 1 October 2015 Body Image In the eyes of society, women like Pamela Anderson, Tyra Banks and Victoria Secret Model Candice Swanepoel are the essence of perfection. What girl would not want their perfect hair, curvy body, big boobs, or tall body? As of today, 2 out of a 100 Americans attempt to starve themself each day. Ninety percent of those Americas are female. (Newport) The media presents society with an unrealistic body types promoting people, especially women, to l...

J.L is a 17 year old junior that came in with comp
J.L is a 17 year old junior that came in with comp

This 2988 word essay (13 pages) is about Bacteria, Medicine, Sexually transmitted diseases and infections, RTT, Infectious causes of cancer, Infections with a predominantly sexual mode of transmission, Chlamydia infections, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Cervicitis, Neisseria, Gonorrhea, Pelvic inflammatory disease

 laints of urinary tract manifestations and increasingly severe urethral burning during urination that has persisted for three days. She has said that her vaginal discharge has been yellow and thick. She also reports mild anal itching but denies any other symptoms. She reported that she had sex for the first time during prom two weeks ago. It was also reported that she and her date did not use a condom. Along with a heightened frequen cy of urination and mild incontinence she also experiences...

Impression Evidencestyle.visibilityppt_xppt_y
Impression Evidencestyle.visibilityppt_xppt_y

This 702 word essay (6 pages) is about Biometrics, Fingerprints, Cryptography, Fingers, Identification, Access control, Surveillance, Human anatomy, Automated fingerprint identification, Minutiae, Automated Fingerprint Identification System, Forensic science

Types of fingerprints There are three distinct types of fingerprints and they are: 1. Whorl  2. Delta  3. Loop style.visibility Whorl fingerprint A whorl pattern consists of almost concentric circles and two deltas.  There are four types of whorls : Plain whorl Central pocket loop whorl  Double loop whorl Accidental whorl Whorl patterns account for 25% of fingerprints Loop fingerprint    A loop pattern has only one delta.  There are two types of loop patterns:      ...

Umer khan
Umer khan

This 445 word essay (3 pages) is about 2nd millennium, Seven Years' War, World history, Anglo-French wars, Time, Austria, Canada, France, Albany Congress, Albany Plan, French and Indian War, Frederick the Great

History 7A 3/29/2015 Albany Plan of Union  The Albany Congress was a meeting of delegates of seven of the British North American states in 1754 (particularly, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island). Delegates met day by day at Albany, New York from June 19 to July 11 to examine better relations with the Indian tribes and normal guarded measures against the French. They concluded an arrangement with the tribes spoke to, yet the settlement...

Writing Assignment #1: Terrorism
Writing Assignment #1: Terrorism

This 547 word essay (3 pages) is about Psychology, Behavior, Violence, Fear, Terrorism, C. Wright Mills, Military-industrial complex, Abuse, Definitions of terrorism, Fearmongering, State terrorism, Power

Writing Assignment #1: "Terrorism" Fear based oppression, is an issue that Torment our reality each depiction of ordinary. You never know when or where a mental oppressor association will strike. Every single get-together reasons are unmistakable, some for political or religious reasons, others for disdain. Individuals think there is such an amazing miracle as a "consistent mental oppressor", however there truly is obviously not. I get one may express that fear based oppressors are stereotyped...