Dailigh Romano
Miss Strimel
English 9
8 March 2015

Abortion Pros and Cons

There are many opinions on the pros and cons arguments of abortio n. There are two
si des to the abortion argument and the opinions are very strong from others. I t is either people
are against it or for it. This paper will be about all sides of the argument and I will have no part
take o n any of the opinions stated .

The most discussed side of the abortion topic is how much people dislike it. A lot of
religi ons such as Buddhism, Catholicism, Christianity, and etc. All religions that are against i
t have many different views on the topic, so they are not all the same feelings. Many are
against abortion because of what the mother, family, etc. is doing to the child. In abortion
there are many health risks to the child and mother. Abortion is a form of murder and demeans
the value of human life , abortion eliminates legal rights of the unborn child, most decisions fo
abortion are chosen by a young adult/teenager that don't have the maturity yet. All three of
those topics are very important in the argument of abortion and are fought over in states and
religion .

Another side of abortion is the fact of people agreeing with it. Some facts are that
carrying and delivering the child can be dangerous to the mother, abortion is not murder
because it is performed before a fetus h as developed into a human person , giving up a child for
abortion can be just as emotionally damaging as having an abortion. There are many religions
that go for abortion such as Quakers, certain Jewish groups, Free voices of Catholic, etc. A lot of
people are going for abortion because it is the choice of the mother and fathers if they want to
conceive and raise the child or not.

In conclusion, the both sides should come together and work the issues out. Both sides of the
abortion argument have many sides and supportive details to back up the opinion. Abortion is talked
about in many different ways, opinions, and so called facts. After writing this paper, I have learned a lot
about abortion and the sides on it.

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