Daydreaming is Better Than Reality
Dorian Raines

Dr. Xie
English 1013-06
Essay 2
March 26, 2014

Daydreaming is Better Than Reality
The main character from "Death of a Salesman", Willy, really had a hard time with the real world, and had thoughts of everything that he went through in the past. During the whole play from beginning to end Willy is confused and does not pay any attention to what is going on around him in the real world. With him dreaming everyday and having these crazy illusions he is beginning to think that things could possible brighten up his life a little and make things better. Him thinking things would get better would make him think about old times in his life, when he had his whole family to make him happy, and we had a job that brought in good money for the whole household. Willy was so deep in his daydreams sometimes it was hard for him to realize that the life he was living was not the one that he wanted it to be. Willy thinking that his life was perfect and he didn't have any problems really hurt his family because they had to suffer from the things that he was forgetting about. Willy would often have outburst of anger and go crazy on his dearest friends and family. The only thing that seemed to calm Willy down was daydreaming about what he thought was reality.
In the beginning of Act 1 Willy is very confused and doesn't really know reality from his daydreams. Willy sons Happy and Biff, Biff was the oldest, and was criticized for working the manual labor job at farms and different ranches. When Biff gets of work he really lets his mind roam and doesn't know what he things about but he really lets his mind wonder. Willy states that his son is lazy, but later in the story this changes and says that his soon is anything but lazy. During the whole play Willy has a confusion of his words and says something and later says the complete opposite. Willy's other son Happy is the more successful one out of the two siblings, and the father and son bond is close to nothing. Willy seems to blame himself for the way his son Biff is turning out, almost a failure getting in and out of jobs since he has been out of high school. He really blames himself because when Happy and Biff were at younger ages he didn't really speak on how important success was. All through the play Willy thinks about when his kids were smaller and had borrow stuff to practice for different sports and things that they wanted to play. From different context clues shows that Biff was well liked and was an athlete but he had a lot of problems in math class. Willy assumes that just because a person is well liked that they will automatically be successful.
Coming back to the real world, Willy craved attention from everybody even though he a family and a woman on the side he still feels that he needed more. The woman on the side never really was announced by named but she appears in one of his daydreams that he usually had throughout the day. In the dream he was caught fooling around with the other woman in a hotel room, one thing he would do for this mystery lady is buy her new stockings even before he thought about his wife. Things turn around in the play when Willy's son Biff finds out what is going on with his father and this outside woman in his fathers life. Biff really took a turn in education when he found this out it really had an impact on the way he thought about school. Linda would really like Willy to stay somewhere close and do his work because she is worried about him being away with his brother. Willy goes behind everyone's back and tries to get the job away from home but gets denied by his boss.
In Act 2, everything really begins to go down hill it starts with Willy getting fired from his job. Willy's boss says that he doesn't