Does marketing create or satisfy needs is a very openly interpreted question. To answer the question, one must first break down the difference between what a want and a need is. A want is something that is just a desire after seeing product placement. In an article, Julie Lynch states that "wants are shaped by our society" (Lynch, 2009) . She goes on later in the article to explain that "everyone can want something but only a few have the means to acquire it" (Lynch,2009) . A need to a person is an essential, a product that is pivotal for existence.
Marketing is a very strategic business; placement, pricing, and promotion are all integral pieces in marketing. Companies place their products into consumer minds in two ways: direct line and subliminal marketing. Direct line placement can be referred to as commercials on television, magazine ads, celebrity endorsements. Having a celebrity get into a brand new high- end car, spray a fancy new cologne or perfume on themselves, or wear a brand name clothing brand is a way these companies use direct line marketing.
Subliminal marketing is a bit more complex, this a way they can plant the idea of their products being something a consumer needs. Companies such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor target many consumers that do not exercise. They place their products on extremely fit athletes to show consumers that by wearing their products, the public can look like that, simply by purchasing those products. Cigarette companies target young consumers by having the "popular" smoke in their commercials, making the younger viewers and consumers want to purchase their product and become that "popular" person in the group. " Subliminal marketing can influence consumers to prefer your product if they don't already have a strong preference for a competing product " (Fisher,2017).
To answer the question of does marketing create or satisfy needs, one must balance out their wants and needs. Spending the time to balance out those two and doing research makes one realize that companies create the want by making it seem like a need.

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