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-I grin, chuckling a little- Because I wanted to win, princess. Besides, you wanted your cookie. I'm giving you your cookie.
Guest_Tsuki34: Well I guess I can forgive you then...-I blush a little, looking up at you bashfully- though if it would make papa happy, I can still try to make you cum
Xinbane: That would make Papa very happy, sweetpea. If you do a good job, I'll give you an extra special reward. -I kiss your jaw, nipping lightly-
Guest_Tsuki34: -A tiny gasps escapes my lips, placing my right hand lightly against your chest- How should I do it papa?
Xinbane: Mmm... Your mouth would be perfect, sweetpea.
Guest_Tsuki34Guest_Tsuki34 : -I look down to the area below your waisteband shyly- You want my lips sliding down your cock papa
Xinbane: That's right, kitten. -I grin, caressing your jaw, pecking your lips gently-
Guest_Tsuki34: -I blush nervously, my hand sliding down your torso. I slowly undue the button and zipper of your pants before costing my hands to your hips. Taking a deep breath I proceed taking off your pants, moving along with them, resting on the balls of my feet and knees-
Xinbane: -I gently stroke your hair, smiling down at you, my cock springing free from my pants as your pull them down- Good girl...
Guest_Tsuki34: -I cup your hard member with both of my hands, inching my open mouth towards it. My tongue flicks out over the tip before swirling it around once while sliding my lips down to the base in one fluid movement.-
Xinbane: -I gasp as your tongue flicks over the tip of my member, gripping your hair and tugging gently as your lips slide down to the base, moaning softly- Mmhn... You're a natural, pumpkin
Guest_Tsuki34: Mhmm -I hum in thanks, while i bring my mouth back up to the tip, my tongue pressed flat against your cock. My lips continue on sliding, back and forth teasingly just around the tip. Lapping it occasionally with my tongue-
Xinbane: -I dig my teeth into my bottom lip, biting back a moan, my hands running through your hair encouragingly-
Guest_Tsuki34: -I slowly start bobbing my head, going further down each time. Once more I my lips reach the base as your cock slides into my throat. Turning my head a quarters way to the right I move back up in one swift motion, one of my hands slides up with my lips through their pursuit
my computer may have been lagging throughout some of that haha. I'm sorry haha. -I look into your eyes wantingly- Would papa make me cum too?
Guest_Tsuki34Guest_Tsuki34 : -i look to the side, blushing- I-i mean only if you'd like to...that is
XinbaneXinbane : -My finger curls under your chin, forcing you to look me in the eye- Anything my little girl wants.
Guest_Tsuki34: -My eyes close, lips parted open, waiting for your touch-
XinbaneXinbane : -My lips press to yours for a moment, my tongue dipping quickly in your mouth before pulling my mouth from yours- You just have to tell me what it is you want, pumpkin...
Guest_Tsuki34Guest_Tsuki34 : -I moan quietly from the feeling of your tongue, opening my eyes halfway to look at you.- Yours hands, fingers, mouth....anything. I just want to feel papa and papa alone
Xinbane: Pants off, then, princess. Papa will lick you and then maybe we can take it further... -I smile at you, biting your neck-
Guest_Tsuki34: -I bite my lip muffling a moan.- Y-yes papa. -I move to sit back, sliding my pants over my ass before sitting down all the way. I continue taking my pants off, tossing them lightly to the side once finished. I then lean back against my forarms. Still biting my lower lip I look back towards you, my breathing picking up slightly from anticipation.-
Xinbane: -I lean forward, grinning at you as you reveal your lower half, gently kissing your abdomen, kissing it again, slightly lower, then even lower, slowly kissing down your body as my eyes move up to meet yours, my lips reaching your pubis, pulling my head up a little before planting a soft kiss just over your clit-
Guest_Tsuki34: -My body shudders under your light kisses, stomach coiling a little as you dip down lower and lower. I let my head fall back as

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