In Shakespeare's tragic play "Hamlet", the main character Hamlet is one of the most complex characters throughout all of literature. In this play, Hamlet deals with his uncle killing his father, marrying his mother, and becoming the new king. Hamlets character traits only add to the hardship he faces. The fact that Hamlet is a thinker, passionate, and faithful which are all good traits only makes his situation harder.
Being a thinker is a good thing, but often times it can get you in a little bit of a mess because it can lead you to over think things. When the ghost appears to Hamlet and tells him what had happened and Claudius killed him, Hamlet knows he should avenge his father's murderer. It just does not work out that easy for him because he starts thinking all of the "what ifs" so to speak. Hamlet thinks of almost everything that makes killing Claudius harder and complicates it more than it has to be. Hamlet wonders if the ghost of his father is a demon that is just trying to get Hamlet to kill Claudius. Also, the shady appearance of his mother marrying his uncle only two months after the death of his father causes Hamlet to wonder if his mother has any part in killing his father so Claudius will have the power of the crown. The consequences of Hamlet over thinking his plot to avenge his fathers death causes much more tragedy than needed to happen. His mother, two people he thought were his friends, Laertes, Polonius, Ophelia, and Hamlet himself all die because of his late decision to finally kill Claudius.
Besides being an over thinker, Hamlet was also very passionate about everything he does. One example of this is Hamlets love for Ophelia. He tries so hard to get her attention and when he has it he lets her know how he really feels about her. From writing the notes to her or giving advice to her about guys and not getting played by one. Hamlet is also passionate about his friendship with Horatio. He has trust with him that he has with no one else. He actually reveals his feelings with Horatio which he does not do with anyone. Another way you can tell Hamlet has passion is how emotional he is when he is talking. Hamlet has many soliloquies, arguments, and conversations with other characters that show his passion. His passion is very evident in his conversation with is mother when he is telling her that Claudius murdered King Hamlet to the point that she becomes afraid. Also when Hamlet was telling Horatio to swear he would not tell any one about his plan to pretend to be insane., he said he would kill his best friend if he told any one.
Hamlet stuck with any and every thing he would do. Whether it was listening to his fathers ghost, chasing after Opheilia, or finishing his plan to kill King Claudius, Hamlet made sure he finished his task. Listening to his fathers ghost was a hard thing for Hamlet to do. He is very skeptical about the ghost being a good or evil ghost and is not sure whether to listen to him or not. When he finally makes up his mind and decides that the ghost is a good one he listens to the ghost and takes to hear what the ghost is really saying. Even with Ophelia he never gives up on loving her. Time after time he gets turned down by her but he never gives up and he is persistent with trying to win her heart