New Experience or New Gadget?
If you were given a handful of money and only got two options to spend it-either for a travel vacation or to buy the latest version of your favorite gadget, what will you choose?
As for me, I'd choose to travel somewhere else. I have this mindset that if have more money, I'd splurge it on experiences rather than material things. In fact, one of my favorite experience is traveling. Traveling gives me the feeling of being independent. I have to be on watch for myself in a foreign place. It gave me eyes of what the other side of the world looks like. I also discovered how other people do to survive, and gained knowledge about their history. I think that traveling links us together, by meeting new people, we become part of their life. Through traveling, I was made aware of our shared responsibility of taking good care with our one and only home, the planet earth. So if I will be given an opportunity to travel to a new place, I would be more than happy to go.
Having gadgets is also fun. I mean, who wouldn't want a free iPhone X? these gadgets makes our lives easier. It gives us entertainment when we're bored, communication is effortless when we need to contact our people, and when you need to search for knowledge about something, information is just one click away. Simply saying, having gadgets simplify our work, and this makes these gadgets worth having, because of their multifunctional features, we mostly rely on gadgets to perform our daily routine, which, sometimes leads us to difficult situations. When we totally rely our life to gadgets, we will always want to have the best one, the latest one which promises to have all we need. We will always crave the best one, and will lead us into lack of contentment in what we have. Having gadgets is good as long as we balance our use of them.
In our economics classes, it was discussed that each of us have different needs and wants, so we may have different answers to the same question above, as long as what you choose makes you happy, that's what matters.