ETHICS- Assignment 1

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               "Should students of the North West Law Enforcement Academy (NWLEA) be held accountable to higher ethical standards than the general public" is a simple yet challenging question. There are multiple answers to this question; both negative and positive. Throughout, you will find reasoning for both.
              If we were to look at this question from a parental or future employer point of view, one would say that it would be a positive standard to be enforcing in the students. Ethics and Accountability are the foundation of a good character. Throughout the academy, students are exposed to a deportment standard that will set them up for success in the coming years. It opens their eyes to the standard that is expected of them when in public, and how they should act even when they are not; how to make the hard decisions that challenge morals and how to be accountable for their actions. If students are to remember how their personal and professional life constantly overlap with one another, this will ensure their success in the future. Those attending NWLEA are here for the sole purpose to receive the training and education that will aid in securing a career in law enforcement. Once the students graduate, and those that find themselves in a position of authority, their behaviour and decisions are constantly being put under the microscope.
              While being in public, the typical expectation of any individual is to behave in a proper and "socially acceptable" manner. However, what is "socially acceptable" to one individual, may not be to another; this would be when our ethics and morals come into play. Most would agree that some "socially acceptable" behaviour would include (but are not inclusive to)      shaking hands when you meet someone;           not invading someone's personal space; if there is a line, go to the back of the line instead of pushing or cutting your way to the front; Saying "please" when asking for something and saying "thank you" when someone does something for you. Looking at this list, if your ethics/morals are in check you probably do all these things. If you don't, then there is a chance that your morals (influenced by your family/individual beliefs) are up for debate. If a student of NWLEA were to act in a non "socially acceptable" manner, there should be repercussions for their actions.  If we as students are aspiring to be public figures, who represent and enforce the law, we should have the decency to act in a "socially acceptable" manner and setting the example to those around.
              When it comes to making the "right" decision, sometimes it can be a challenge. There are times when we are presented with two or more solutions to a difficult situation and none of them are viewed as "ideal". We're stuck between a rock and a hard place; an ethical dilemma. As a student of NWLEA we should be able to assess the situation and choose the      alternative that offers the greater good and the lesser evil. Doing so forces us to think critically. Critical thinking is a crucial part of law enforcement, regardless of the organization that you work for. When faced with an ethical dilemma where there is no window to weigh the pros and cons for long, one must entrust in their ability to think quickly and make the right decision. The same concept applies to being in school. For example, we were supposed to have an assignment finished by the end of class so the instructor is able to take them in for marks. Just before class is done, your friend sitting beside you asks if they're able to copy the last few answers because they didn't have a chance to finish in time. What do you do? Do you allow them to and say "yes" because you don't want them to lose out on marks and they're your friend     ? Or do you say no, because you were responsible and budgeted your time accordingly to ensure the work was done in time?  

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