Skyler Hadley
Erin Stephens, Assistant Professor
ENG 101 (online)
12 October 2017
Essay 1 revision
Growing up in a small town like Albany, Kentucky, you don't have many choices once you get out of high school. It's either you go to college or work at Keystone Foods which is a chicken production plant. That's where 75% of the Albany population goes to work at. But don't get me wrong there are some people who don't have a college degree that are millionaires, but rarely you see that happen. I think College education is important because you will have better job opportunities, you will earn more money if you have a degree, and personally, I think it will improve your social and communication skills. College is should be every students number 1 priority when they are in high school.

Today, there is less and less job options for people that does not have a college degree. Like I said, people who do not go to college are most likely going to end up in the service industry like Keystone Foods. Once you work in sort of service industry, there's a real good chance you will start out doing the hardest job there and make the least money doing it. Honestly, that will be what the rest of your life will look like because you will not get promoted in an industry like that. I couldn't imagine working 10 hour shifts making minimum wage. That adds up to roughly $26,000 a year.

Studies have shown that high school graduates earn an average of almost $30,000 per year. If you have a bachelor's degree, you earn an average of $50,000 a year, and of you have a master's degree, you average around $70,000 a year. From personal experiences I have a job right now working in a grocery store; I get paid $8.00 an hour 7 days a week. If you have a college degree, you automatically get bumped up to $14.00 an hour and only work 5 days a week. Plus, there's a better chance you will get promoted to a manager if you have a college degree.

When you have a high school classroom with only 25 people you know everybody, you feel comfortable talking to them or being around them. When you get to college you will have 100 people in a classroom. In some point in time you will have to get to know all of the students. Going to college will teach you communication and social skills because you will have to communicate and socialize with different people every day. There are also some colleges that will require you to take a public speaking class which would help a lot of students communicate.

In this day of time, if you do not go to college, there's a better chance of you drawing unemployment the rest of your life. I know people that are homeless and cannot make a living by their selves. Every time I see them they say that they had wished they went to college to get a degree. Parents across the country wish their children go to college to earn and make a living. I know my parents and sometimes my grandparents tell me every day that college is important. Some people will say that college isn't for them that they just want to go straight into the workforce. Well they are wrong, every student in America should experience at least one year in college. I guarantee you that after they spend that first year that they will not want leave.