Tamba Sebba
Professor Wilkinson
U.S. History 1301

The constitution was a document that was written that the newly independent America become unified and aid it to become it is today. But what were some of the motives that led to its creation? The primary source helped support the claims that Holton made within his document it added credibility and help prove Holton's conclusion
To First determine whether the primary source contradicts Woody Holton's conclusion you first must understand Holton and be able to fully grasp what Holton was trying to say. The first thing is that Holton credits farmer for being the motive for the convention. Holton explains that the Constitution was a means to limit the inference of ordinary Americans had within the government. In addition, he believed that it was also a means to help bring in the ideas of democracy and as a to help transfer power from the state government to the national government. The primary source may seem like it contradiction Holton's claim with the ideas shown in document 5, which is a debate of how Congress, alone show that many of the men in the convention where in favor of the idea of the people having a hand in the election process and that it would be unjust to them to leave it to the government. But then uses the other source to show how the founding fathers changed the idea to form the system of government we have today letting people have a say in their state governments but leaving them out on the national government decision
The constitution was made to empower the people due to the mistreatment of the people by England which was a huge cause that would lead to the American revolution. So most of the men present were in favor of a free government where the people had more say in the affairs of the government. The men present wanted to push the idea that of an open free government to help push out the ideals that had been establishing under the rule in England and as they saw it did not work out so the wanted to do the opposite on England government a setup transparency within the government. But the men slowly begin to realize that with this free government not everyone would turn out happy son the begin to form a structure where that could limit the public hand in government affairs but still make it seem like the people still had the control.
Another example where the primary source supports Holton's conclusion is that the constitution was also formed so that the American could develop their own currency (paper money). In both document 2 & and 3 Curtis talks about the economic motive that would help form the Constitution. Which Holton talk about how there were economic motives within the forming of the Constitution but in truth it was a key factor because with Americas new found independence they would have to restructure their economy from being a colony relying on England to aid them to now an independent country with our own currency and their own way of making money for not only the states but a country as a whole . This would be easier to accomplish if all the states were under one union. And with this, it supports Holton's claim of uniting the states under one union.
Lastly, the idea of federalism started to form making it to where the states had their government that the public could put their two cents in but in actuality the big decisions were made by the national government with little to none public interference. Forming a perfect model that would help unify the country In document 8 & 9, Which are part of collection of paper that pushed the idea of federalism and also pushed the ratification of the constitution, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton want to sway the public opinion of this free government and introduce the people to democracy showing the people that It was different from the way that England had ruled the country and also making it to where the people would believe that they would have a say