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                     The Media and Its Responsibility
                             Anthony M. Amaker
          SOC 120 Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility
                                Owen Miller
                              August 11, 2019

The media was established to disseminate data and facts to the masses.
There are many ways to distribute these facts to include the newspaper,
radio, television, as well as electronic devices like the PC, smartphone
and tablet. The newspaper was the primary means of media during the initial
years our country's development. It was a critical part of communication
during the American Revolution. In the 1920's, the radio came in to play
with company's like the National Broadcasting Company or NBC and the
Columbia Broadcasting System or CBS. As we stand today, television and
social media are the most utilized platforms for disseminating information.
But there can be a level of bias or misinformation that can spread in the
process. Therefore we need to ensure media is accurate and unbiased. After
all, the human mind can be easily influenced using propaganda. So, what
exactly is the media's responsibility in dispersing information? The media
should have a responsibility to report information that is socially,
ethically, and politically correct. But has the media been diligent in this
effort or has there a certain level of deceit?
From a deontologist's perspective the media has not served the public
diligently. The media should, "focus on what we are obligated to do as
rational moral agents" (Mosser, 2013). Rather than this, media reports have
acted irrationally and immorally driving wedges between the different
social and economic classes in society.  Let's take a closer look at these
concerning issues of division. FOX news which is a more conservative had a
lot of negative views regarding Affordable Health Care also known as Obama
Care.  According to CNN regarding the same article,

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