We need others in order to learn about ourselves. Through symbols and language people come to know their self image . We learn through people's reactions and perceptions of us. With those reactions we learn the feelings pride and shame. Through the "looking-glass self" (Cooley) there is a process you go through. First, you must put yourself in another's shoes and view yourself through their perspective. While viewing yourself through their perspective we imagine their judgement of us. With that judgement we feel pride or shame and sometimes adjust. "Each to each a looking-glass Reflects the other that doth pass" (Cooley, 1922: 184). Each individual we come in contact with in a day we are looking glasses to one another. While you're figuring out their perspective of you, they are trying to know your perspective of them. With this mindset people have come to value the things others value simply because others value it. In every social setting, we behave in the manner we think the others around us would expect us to. We need others reactions and perceptions to know ourselves.