Analysis Of Article: Beyond Orgasmatron

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Analysis Of Article:  Beyond Orgasmatron

Beyond Orgasmatron
by: Keesling, Barbara

...Were walking around with a complete health care system inside our own body.  Keesling does a pretty good job of emphasizing the this idea throughout the entire article.  I must admit that from personal experience I do indeed agree with Keesling in that sex is great for the mind and body, as well as the fact that it could even be used as therapy for menstrual problems.  She also makes a point of stating that also creates an emotional and physical bond that is essential....  I agree, because it is also my experience and belief that although sex is not the entire relationship, it surely makes up about 80% of it, and if there is an inability to be open about ones sexual life with thier partner, then one will never be able to attain a health tight bond with their other half.
In this article, Keesling also states that orgasms differ between both individuals of the same sex or of opposing genders.   For instance, she believes that once each individual has gained a ful and thorough understanding of their own particular physical and psychological intensity they will each be able to reach untamable levels of excitement that they would have never before thought possible.  or example, when males reach orgasm they quickly ejaculate,  when females reach orgasm some realize it and some just do not.  Studies have shown that women could experience up to three different types of orgasm at a time but they each involve the stimulation of the clitoris which intern make the PC muscles spas out (concluded by Masters and Johnson).  
Keesling, if very prompt to establish that the female orgasm is controversial, but needless to say, so is that of the male orgasm.  She also goes on to say, that after extensive studies in sex laboratories, it was also discovered that like males, females also ejaculate but it is often too little to be acknowledged.  This idea was initially published in The G Spot by Alice Ladas, Hohn Perry and Beverly Whipple.The  male orgasm, for years, has been some what of a discrepancy because  for a long time, Keesling says that the average man was believed to be incapable of obtaining multiple orgasms.  Believe it or not, these ideas are past on through generations and the mind is so powerful, that even if they are capable, if men believe they cannot then, they will not.  From her own studies and experiences as a surrogate partner Keesling, has experienced that an unexpected side effect of learning how to control ejaculation is spontaneous multiple orgasms.
Ultimately, I must say that as Keesling states throughout her entire article that sex is an enhancement tool rather than a problem, then we should definitely stop worrying about whether or not we are normal or abnormal, and instead concentrate on how to better our sexual lives so that we could better ourselves as individuals.  After all, we are walking around with an entire healthcare system inside, Why not take advantage of it and use it?