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Erowid LSD Vault : Info #4 on the Effects of LSD

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A Commentary on LSD
Alice Dee

LSD (D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, or Acid for short) can be a wonderful
psychotropic ally, and is probably the most versatile psychedelic known to
humanity. Its effects vary from simple stimulation, like a cup of coffee, that
can facilitate intense focus for 8ish hours at the 25mcg dose range (excellent
for programming, writing, driving or listening to lectures) to a social,
stimulating psychedelic in the 50-200 mcg range (great for dancing, concerts and
walks in nature) to a frankly amazing, mystic entheogen in the 300-700mcg range
(much more heroic than social, but great for communing with God/dess). Some
people find that the intensity of the LSD experience tends to plateau at dosages
over 500-700mcg, although its duration may continue to extend.
When readily available, LSD is also one of the best value-for-money psychedelics
around, usually going for $2.00 per 100 mcg 'hit' or 'dose' in the SF Bay Area
(often considered an epicenter for LSD production), although have heard of
people paying up to $5.00 per 100mcg elsewhere. These 100mcg dosages are fairly
standard in the US these days, but are signifcantly less that the powerful 300
mcg per hit dosages that were reportedly common here in the Sixties. The lower
doses per hit usually available to US psychonauts these days have probably
significantly reduced the frequency of uncomfortably strong LSD trips.
Today, LSD is commonly found soaked into colorful blotter paper (an artform in
itself), although sometimes it is available dissolved in liquid (usually
calibrated to 100mcg per drop) or dissolved in colorful, hardened gel when it is
known as windowpane. It appears that the LSD-containing tablets of various
descriptions that were around in the Sixties seem to be much less common these
Regarding storage, it is very helpful to keep LSD in a dark, cool place for
long-term storage as it is not one of the more stable psychedelic molecules.
Purity is also important, and can significantly affect the quality of the
experience (especially at high doses) so it is often a good idea to bioassay a
new batch at lower doses to test the purity. Quad pure LSD (implying that the
product is washed four times, as was said to be the practice of legendary LSD
maker Owsley, aka Bear) is usually the best around, but three washes are
commonly considered adequate, especially since yield is reduced with each wash.
LSD synthesis is quite complex and generally requires a pretty professional lab
and chemist to synthesize quality product.
With moderate doses of blotter LSD, effects start to become noticeable within
around half an hour after ingestion, and tend to rise to a peak around 2-5 hours
into the experience. After the peak, the trip gradually declines in intensity
until one is pretty much back to baseline in around 8-12 hours. The afterglow
tends to last most of the following day and is usually described as quite
LSD can be quite safely mixed with many other psychoactives for a wide variety
of fascinating experiences. The combos with XTC or 2CB (aka candyflipping) are
especially enjoyable for social situations, and LSD also combines very
synergistically with N2O and DXM for more intense, although relatively
non-social, experiences. Many people also reportpotentiation of LSD after
pretreatment with Harmala or Melatonin. Mixed reactions have been observed when
combining LSD with MJ, so it is probably best to have a relatively straight
sitter and a safe place to retreat to in case things get 'strange' on this
The long-lasting duration of the LSD experience is also an excellent opportunity
to get some deep metaprogramming work done, so it has some very interesting
psychotherapeutic applications (see Stan Grof's fascinating research summarized
in 'LSD Psychotherapy'). Many people deal with the extended length of the
experience by taking LSD just after sunset so that they are in the tail end of
the experience as the sun is rising, which nicely completes the trip.
A fairly well-established psychological phenomenon sometimes noticed by LSD
users is known as imprinting. This is a psychological process whereby being
exposed to an event, thought or other experience