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The purpose of this term paper is to study a religion I am not familiar with.  The religion can not be a from the USA.  This narrows the options for my term paper.  The paper must inform on historical parts of the religion.  It also needs to present two problems the religion is going through.
Tibetan Buddhism is the religion I chose for my term paper topic. The religion has always spurred my interest me.  The simplicity of the Tibetan monks life is amazing. They have no need for material possessions.  They live off of what the earth offers them. I find that hard to understand, but very interesting.
China took over Tibet in 1959.  Tibet was closed to outside visitors.  The Tibetan Buddhist were severely brutalized.  Their religion was repressed due to the communist regime that had taken over their home. This is one of the problems I will be discussing in my term paper.  
Gender and identity are an issue that I plan on covering in my term paper.  I am very curious to see what the gender roles are in this religion.  They could be the same as what I am used to in the US, or they may be very different.
The most difficult part of this term paper for me will be finding the information I want to write about.  I want to find information on gender and identity but I am not sure if it will be what I am looking for.  It will also be difficult to be non bias.  I was raised in a Christian home and I will find it hard to understand the Tibetan Buddhists.
Christianity is the religion I am most familiar with.  I went to a private Christian school in elementary school.  We went to church every morning at that school to learn about the bible.  I also went three times a week with my grandparents to a Southern
Baptist Church.  Later in life I became the youth minister for the same church I attended as a child.  I had no choice in the religion I belonged to.  It was given to me. It was almost forced upon me.      
The Dialogue Decalogue  is very important in this type of term paper.  There can be no bias.  The reader does not want my opinion on Tibetan Buddhism.  They want me to stick to the facts.  Though the one part of this I find difficult is the part where I have to understand the religion completely.  I am not sure if I can understand a religion so foreign to my way of life.
My research so far consists of my reading in class and the trip I made to the library.  The library was filled with information on Tibetan Buddhism.  Many of the books were published between 2000 and 2002.  The information in the books is very up to date.  I have also watched a movie about the Dali Lama.  He is an interesting  man.  He laughs a lot.  I find myself staring in wonder at the way he lives his life.  I also watched a movie on China taking over Tibet. It was hard for me to watch.  There is so much suffering and death going on there even to this day.  I could not hold back the tears when the movie showed women and children being beaten because they wanted their freedom to practice their religion.  Why was I not aware of this?  I suppose my oen ignorance to foreign affairs.  There needs to be something done about Tibet.  I want to shout out, FREE TIBET.
The books I checked out from the library are filled with information. I plan on reading all of them, which will be more fun than work of course.   Looking up information on the internet is also on the agenda.  After all of that is done I will slowly
start to write my paper piece by piece.  Hopefully it will be complete by the time Tibet is freed.