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Since the effects of the media increased over people, the aim of the media has gone into an alteration. The morals of the media changed and a huge conflict became into existence between the morals in past and now. As all over the world in Turkey, ethics of the media changed after the media bosses have caught it. Media must be objective, impartial, and balanced, but because of the media bosses, it changed its ethics.
The first purpose of media must be objectivity, but media rarely objective while reporting or researching information. Medias objectivity is filtered and censored by the media owners, advertisers, newsmakers, news sharpers, and the pressure groups. All of the affect media while its doing its job. Medias job is to inform. Because of the filters of media, it usually uses for propaganda, having profit and power. Many people think media is the most powerful means for propaganda. Lord Beaverbrook (1879-1964), who is owner of the Daily Express and founder of The Sun, and he used his newspaper for entirely for propaganda without taking into consideration of the purposes of media (Watson, 84). Media works same in Turkey as the world. The bosses, who have newspapers and television channels, use them for their propaganda. Moreover, this propaganda works very well because they have power over the people and having amounts of profit owing to media.
Media is mass communication, a connection all over the world that informs, entertains, and influences people. It is powerful because most people talk about what they see on the news. Therefore, we can easily say media primarily control peoples opinion, and beliefs. Due to this, media must do its job impartially. In addition to this, the basic criteria of the media would be always say truth. On the other hand, the anxiety of rating and getting power entails media taking sides. It would seem that the media is using for propaganda and laissez-faire, besides both of them obtains to control the people, and control means power (Watson, 86). This control over the people does not look down on because this control orientates the people as the media barons wishes. Like the example of the Italy. The effects of media can straightforwardly see in Italy. Silvio Berlusconis political party, which shaped newly, urge into authority in Italy by the hold up of the Berlusconis media empire. By the support of his media empire Berlusconi became prime minister of Italy as in Orson Welles classical film Citizen Kane, which is about the dream of political officer, eluded John Foster Kane (Watson, 85). The same as in Italy, in Turkey, Kemal Dervi became a saver of the economy of the Turkey. In addition, because of the supporting of the media, he explained people as a hero and the people in Turkey trust to him and he has able to put in order the economy.
Media must obtain the balance between the truth and the knowledge. In recent times, if people start casting opinions by following one media source, they would be deficient in the other side of the truth. Different reporters have different opinions. Besides, same knowledge could be different in two different news sources. So if the media cannot balanced the truth and knowledge every people would have different thought about same think, and most of these thought would be same with the reporters who informed the knowledge.
As a conclusion, world is controlled for the most part by the media. Peoples opinions shaped with what they heard, or what they read. Media has an important part in society. Because of this, purpose of media must be objectivity, impartiality, and balanced between truth and knowledge.