tv-don't use this paper

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tv-don't use this paper

   In Bill Mckibben essay Daybreak he writes about how TV has changed the way we look at the world. A little less than half of all Americans get most of their information from television. There are some things that people would never see in their life if it wasnt for TV, but there are things that people could go without seeing at times too.
   TV is one of the greatest things ever to happen to some people and the worst for others. For some people television is the best way to take part in the world. Many Americans watch 7 hours of TV in one day, some people think the best way to live and learn is outside the living room and in the wilderness. Some people learn more when theyre out in nature, thats what there into. Others do better in the house watching TV. MiKibben had friends tape every channel on the Fairfax network for 24 hours. Then he spent 10 hours a day for 2 months watching TV. After watching all the channels, he then went and spent two days on Crow Mountain watching nature. He found that there are things in nature that you would never get the whole effect of watching them on television. Then there are things on TV you would never even see without watching TV.
   I myself use both of them in everyday life. TV is a way for me to see whats going on in the world. I watch TV three to fours a day. It goes from MTV to ESPN to the News. I do watch a lot of movies. I can see how people think TV is bad, and dont want to have anything to do with it. There are shows that could be taken off the air but at the same time TV gives people a glimpse of things in the world that they would never see in real life. To get away from all the TV and things that go on in the world is the wilderness. Its goes the same way for the wilderness as it does for TV. There are things in the wilderness that you would never see or experience on TV.  All people need to do is find a happy medium and use both to benefit themselves. I would rather go out and spend the day in the woods then sit home and watch TV there is some people that would rather stay inside.
Our world these days couldnt function without television; we have too many things that have been introduced and rely on TV to help. The world wouldnt be the same without TV and it wouldnt be the same without the wilderness. Some people wish TV wouldnt have ever come to be, or became such a big deal. I dont really think there are people out there that wish the wilderness wasnt there. Im sure there are a few. I think that we need to learn as much from TV as we can. It helps you out in the world, but it also can be the end of you. Ive seen things on TV that I will never see in the life and Im thankful for that.