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Ashley N. Jeffers

So you want a secret do you,
Well Ill give you a secret.
Every night I met with Sean
In the woods about twelve midnight.
Or how about Gentry,
In his barn just two hours later.
And the whole town thought they knew me,
Well they dont!
And no matter what you say,
I am not the towns bicycle.
By the way, if you feel the need to call me a whore,
Beware the fires of hell torching your pretty little home.  

Benjamin S. Junior

I knew I had made a mistake,
I shouldve stopped after the first shot.
It was dark, I couldve stated
That I was deer hunting,
So thats why I took a shot.
It was an accident, I would say.
These poor idiots wouldve believed me.
But no! It wasnt enough, not in my mind,
He wasnt dead. So I took another shot.
And even one more.
At that time I had a good idea he was gone,
But that still wasnt enough.
The pain he put me through,
Beating me constantly, whenever he could,
Especially when my mother wasnt home.
I walked up to his rotting corpse
And shouted, You will never touch me again!
All of this, right before I put
One last shell in his face!

Craig A. McRae

I have lived many years,
And have seen many things.
Sitting on my porch at three oclock
Watching the neighborhood children play stickball.
Gone to and have held town parties,
And even played cards with the elders.
Ahh yes, the great times in this peaceful neighborhood.
I guess you can say I led the perfect life.
Well, when you do good deeds for others,
Good things will come to you in return.

Steven L. Johnson

I have seen more than anyone would like.
I love my parents very much,
But I hate them at the same time.
My dad only drank because my mom was always yelling.
Butmy mom was always yelling because my dad drank.
It was horrible.
While my dad was in the bathroom
My mom pulled out this little vial
And poured this clear liquid in my dads glass
I later learned she got it from Doc.
He loved it, said it tasted great,
So why did he have to die?
My mom was so happy
But I couldnt let her get away with it.
So I turned her in,
And she was hanged three days later.
I guess no one in the town wanted
The child of two screw-ups
So they stoned me,
Like I was the chosen one
Out of the Lottery.