Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Merv Griffins

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Merv Griffins Beverly Hills Hilton for the 10th Annual Game Show Conference.  I am and today I have the luxury of introducing a legend in this field to discuss the future of the game show industry.  
Bob grew up on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota and lived there for most of his young adult life.  When World War II intervened, he became a Navy fighter pilot, but luckily the war ended before he was assigned to a seagoing squadron.  Following his discharge, Bob returned to Washington and took a job at a local radio station to help finance his studies.  No one would have believed at the time that he would become one of the most famous TV personalities ever.  It was there that he discovered what he did best, host audience participation shows.  
After graduating with a degree in economics, Bob moved to Los Angeles, and within a week, he was the host of his own radio program.  Bob made his debut on national television as the host of the popular Truth or Consequences.  Bob hosted the show for an unbelievable 18 years.  In 1972 Bob was called upon again to host a game show, this one of course called The Price is Right.  Not only is it Americas highest rated daytime game show, it is also the longest running game show in television history celebrating its 29th year this year.
Bob has won eleven Emmy awards as a TV host, more than any other performer, and two as executive producer of The Price is Right.  Bob was also given the Lifetime
Achievement Award in 1999, for a total of 14 Emmys.  He has also received the coveted Carbon Mike Award of the Pioneer in Broadcasters.  Bobs even been named in the Guinness Book of World Records as televisions Most Durable Performer, 3,524 consecutive performances on Truth or Consequences,  and Most Generous Host in Television History for awarding over $200 million in cash and prizes on his various shows.  Bobs favorite honor came when one of the most historic sites in the history of television, Stage 33 at CBS Television, was re-dedicated as the Bob Barker Studio.  Who better to discuss the future of the game show industry than Mr. Game Show himself;  ladies and gentlemen please help me in welcoming Mr. Bob Barker.COME ON DOWN!!