A humble man

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A humble man

A Humble Man
The Ex-Basketball Player claims that there was this great basketball player
named Flick Webb.  Flick has an outstanding knack for basketball and for one reason or
another he decided not to peruse it as a career.  The narrator thinks that this is very
strange since he could of gotten out of the town he lived in.  Now Flick just helps out at
Berths Garage and he does not seem to want anymore out of life then he already has.
Flick seems not to be a very selfish man.  He pumps gas and sometimes for fun he will
dribble an innertube.  This is telling us he still has a lot of passion for the game, and that he
still wants this to be a part of his life.
In the second stanza the narrator gives the pumps human characteristics.  This is a
big change from Flicks high school years when he hung out with other athletes, had fans in
the stands, and bucketed three hundred ninety points.  In the fourth stanza we see that at
Maes luncheonette is now his stadium where he only acknowledges his fans with a simple
nod.  By this we can tell he is a very humble man and what ever comes of him and his life
will suit him just fine.
A lot of people probably feel the same as the author. I on the other hand feel
totally opposite.  I was an outstanding athlete at my high school, and that was what people
looked at me for.  I know a lot of athletes who feel the same way I do, because there is
more to us than what we can do on the field or court.  I can also see how people who are
not athletes see the situation in a whole different light.  The narrator, looking at the
situation from outside sees a man with a talent gone to waste.  I see the situation in a
whole different point of view.  I see a man who is content with the way his life has turned
out.  He did not need the screaming fans or the money to make him happy.