America in World War II

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America in World War II

Was World War II a Good War For America?

One of the most important wars ever fought was World War II.  In the midst, the Nazis
were in control of most of Europe, the Soviet Union was causing more deaths than any other
country, and Japan had taken over parts of China.  The United States of America was stuck in the
middle of all this.  They had to deal with the Nazis and deciding when to join the war, meanwhile,
Japan was breathing down their necks with attacks.  What was America to do?  What would
happen to America, and would this be a good war for them?  I believe World War II was a
good war for America because it made them a higher power like they are today.                                                                                            
No direct cause greater than the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and other US territories
can be found for Americas entry into World War II, and all causes appear to be valid and just.
The effects of this war on both the US and the world proved to far reaching, touching all aspects
of life including attitude, society, culture, and security.  At the beginning of World War II, the
United States remained neutral for as long as it could, as it did in World War I. It soon became
obvious to the US that the war machines of Germany and Japan posed a threat to the United
States. After the defeat of France and other European nations, Britain began asking for assistance
from the U.S.  Americas hold-out eventually made them a higher power, but that is not the
reason why they held out of the war.  The need to assist Britain could be construed as Americas
entry into the war, and for good reason. Germany was on a roll militarily. Germany had not
attacked the USSR at this point and appeared capable of defeating England and setting its sights
on the Americas.  Soon, America would have the opportunity to support Britain in war, and
become a powerful nation.  America knew then that it was not going to be easy, but they were
unaware that this would turn into a good war as far as theyre concerned.  After Germany
attacked the USSR, the US extended the Lend-Lease deal to the Soviets. This showed America
was committed to the Allied cause because the US was at odds with the USSR, and was coming
down on its side anyway. There was definite justification for aiding the Soviets because they were
under attack by an unprovoked enemy.                                                          
Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, a US naval base in US territory, and the US responded by
declaring war on both Japan and Germany. The US had an embargo against Japan because of their
territorial advances threatening US territories in South-East Asia. The Japanese were bound to
attack the US and the US knew it, but still did not attack or declare war on Japan until Japan had
attacked the US. This shows that the proper chance to avoid war with Japan was given, and that
the declaration of war against Japan was necessary. Germany was known to be in alliance with
Japan, and was at war with our allies. Germany was also sinking American ships in the Atlantic.
This justifies the United States in its decision to declare war on Germany.  America could see the
positive effects this war could have on them at that point.                                
The war effected every part of American life. Economically, the nation was lifted out of
the depression. During the war, full employment was reached, and there was not much on which
to spend money. After the war, the US was in better physical shape than any other nation on
Earth. All other industrialized nations had been bombed and attacked extensively, but the US was
left virtually untouched.   As a world power, the US was forever changed. Never again would
America play the role of the neutral nation. Emerging as the only nation with the power of the
atom gave the US the leading role as a super power nation. From the end of the war until now
and into the foreseeable future, the US was, is, and will be involved militarily and otherwise all
around the world.                                                                                                
Socially, World War II brought enlightenment to many people. Black servicemen and
women got a taste of what is was like to be treated as equal to whites while stationed in the more