Power of One

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Power of One

Inclusion, not exclusion, is the key to survival. What does this mean? To say the least, the definition is clearly stated in The Power of One. Initially, Peekay in The Power of One  was isolated by members of his family, and as a result of that he was excluded by society because of his background. Ultimately, he was excluded within his own race because of his actions throughout this story. One thing got to all of them more than everything else. They couldnt make me cry.
Peekay was isolated by his family and suffered through deaths and losses. Peekays father died early in his life and from there on out he had to learn to live with the idea of death. The next deaths came from Granpa Chook, his mother, and Nanny. Losses continued when Doc went back to Germany, and a camp guard killed Piet. Even when he picked up all his strength as a young man, his losses continued when Maria, his love, was also killed. It just kept on adding up, and Peekay kept taking blow by blow. Dont cry, Peekay. Sisterll know I told you if you cry.
Next, Peekay suffered exclusion, and for him it wasnt much different. He was English, and the Afrikaners in his society hated him. The English took over and governed their territory. I was a rooinek and a pisskop. I spoke the wrong language. And now I was obviously made differently. Therefore, Peekay was discriminated against because of his background. For example Peekay was even whipped while hanging upside down. Its amazing that something such as that occurred. Lastly, Peekay went through exclusion because of the way he acted. Peekay was a friend to the blacks, which was very uncommon. He even started a Saturday school in which to teach blacks to read throughout their tribes.
To conclude all this exclusion, what Peekay had experienced was somewhat difficult to go through or to be put through. He survived the mass beatings and searches for him. However, in the end, he was included and accepted by his friends who called him The Rainmaker. It is very probable that if these inclusions didnt occur, Peekay would not have made it.