My Best Day

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My Best Day

My best day was the day I won the
lottery.  I wish I won the lottery
I would have a lot of money and not
ever have to work again.  Do you
wish you had money too?  Can you tell
that this is not a paper?  I know you
can.  I just wanted to register!

I need to type some more words to register.  I think I can just sit
here and type anything.  But I need
some more words so that this will be
enough.  Getting back to my subject,
my best day is the day when I can
be out of school and on my own.  I can
get an apartment and get a job and move
away from home.  I do not like living
at home and wish I could move away now.
I do not have any money though.  Load
no more that 10 labels sheets at a time
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fan the stack taking care not to bend or winkle the sheet corners.  Return used sheets to this package and store flat.  Located on the south boundary it is the largest lake.  Seventy-five years after this historic flight, millions are still intrigued by the man with the broad smile who sat in the Spirit's cockpit.  Suffering from the tragic kidnapping and death of his son and the press's obsession with his life and family, eventually forced him to flee Britain.  His idealism about aviation also underwent a dramatic shift.