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descriptive essay

What do you think of when you hear the word home?  I think of comfort, love, and of coarse the sweet smell of warm apple pie.  The first thing that you notice when visiting someones home for the first time is the smell.  If the first thing you smell when you walk into someones home fore the first time is a dirty wet dog, the chances are you wont want to revisit that house.  Thats why the smell of your home is so important, not only for the people who visit but also for the people who live there.  Each room in my home has a different and wonderful smell.  It ranges from the bedroom and living room, where I like to relax, to the kitchen where all the cooking is done.
When I first walk in the door from work, the smell of a Cuban fiesta envelops my sense of smell.  I can smell each spice individually lingering in the air like a kite on a windy day. The garlic, green peppers, and onions put me in a trance as I walk into the kitchen to greet my wife who is dancing to salsa music.  The sound of sizzling meat and steaming yellow rice pulls me in as if I were a dog being called by my master.  From the caramelized honey brown flan, to the crispy golden plantains, the sight and smells make my mouth water.
I open the door to our bedroom to get comfortable and unwind. As soon as I take my first step the smell of sweet vanilla dances over me. On each of our night stands sits two beige candles whose shadows are dancing off the walls. The flame enchants me and the smell puts a calming feeling over me. Before leaving the room I relax on my bed for a few minutes. I know my wife had been laying there because the pillows have a scent of her fresh, herbal essence shampoo.  Quickly, I get out of bed, put on my flannel pajamas, and return to the kitchen to help my wife complete our meal.
After dinner I like to relax in my living area.  The smell of this part of the house is my favorite.  There are two gigantic oak bookshelves.  For some reason, they smell like fresh cut trees right out of the forest.  In the corner of the room is my rabbit, whose cage adds to the smell with fresh hay. A small breeze blowing in from our balcony window adds to the calming atmosphere.  Relaxing in this part of my house takes my mind far away from real life and into a wild forest.  
As you can see, the smell of a home is very important, and is what makes a home comfortable.  Each room in my home has a different smell.  The kitchen smells like a gourmet restaurant in the middle of the evening, the bedroom smells like sweet vanilla, and the living area smells like the fresh wooded outdoors. The first thing that you notice when entering someones home, and your own, is the smell. Thats why its so important for your home to smell good.